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This is a blog training project that I’ve built myself. Seeing the lack of online participation from young Cambodians, I believe that I can play a small part in bridging the gap. It does not mean that this will make any significant change in people’s lives. Seeing the young people grinning like a bob-cat when they create the first blog post is just enough for me to go on. I have provided blog and social media training to young people, creative professionals, non-governmental organizations and companies since 2008.
Email me via blueladyblog[at] to register for future blog training, and I will get back to you.
Talk in Ahmedabad

A panel discussionon Intelligent Use of Social Media at Meta House. July 25th, 2012

Conducting a workshop on Internet Security+Social Media at Angkor Hotel. Organized by MTV Exit: 28/July/2012

social media training in Koh Kong, June 2012

March 10/2012: teaching about 20 students how to blog and what social media means

I gave a short talk on blogging to young people who live in/near White Building on 11/12/2011

I taught photographers, dancers and artists to blog as well.
I gave two-day blog training to Cambodian creative professionals. Happy to see them! 2011

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  1. Hi Kounila Keo, my name is Nin, I am a blogger in, I have recently visit your blog post and it has inspire me. I just started to blog and not creative as yours and other Cambodian blogger.
    I admire in what you do! I hope that you may successful in the near future, hope all other Cambodian Blogger will be successful too, I think we all have the same dream, to help Cambodia be known around the world more.

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