Hello world!  We are a group of young and awesome journalists who offer copy-writing services, product reviews, mini documentary and research writing.
We also cover events using social media tools. If we are to be hired to cover an event, our job is to produce blog posts, podcasts and videos as well as create/use Facebook/Twitter and some other channels to post all the stories about your event.
If you believe in social media to help build your brand, try our service. Our team has a good command of English and can take on reporting assignments as well.
If you are a business or a non-government organization which wants to conduct outreach over the Southeast Asian social media scene, you should give us a try.
Please write to [email protected] for any request.

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  1. Phnom Penh´s premier dance school, Dance World Cambodia will perform their 7th concert ´Salute To The Musicals´ over a 4pm Matinee and 7pm Evening Dance Performance on December 13th.
    The faculty will be performing 15 pieces at Department Of Performing Arts
    All works are choreographed by the teaching faculty.
    This is set to be our biggest show yet, with students from both studios on stage together for the first time.
    Tickets are $8 at Meré Maternity & Baby Shop on 214, Willow Hotel on 21 or at Dance World Cambodia Studio 1 on 136
    The performance goes for a little over 90 minutes

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