According to requests from blogger friends, I had to put up this list of Cambodian blogs, so that (Cambodian) bloggers will learn that others exist, too :). I’ve asked bloggers to write their blog URLs into this Facebook group. Be part of it! However, you are not compelled to write down your blog URL here at all. Just feel free to do it. Here’s the updated list of some Cambodian bloggers. Here are some of the Cambodian blogs:
Personal Blog Lundi Lay Sao Reasey Rithy Thul Tivea Koam Chetra Chap’s Inside Rum Puthy Moung Dia e-diary of Rainna Vathanak Ta Mab Yay Mab | Panharath Sokhom monyyrin monyyrin Mao Piseth THAY Visal OUM, Vantharith Chanvetey Vann Sovathary Bon Lee Da Yorn Sereyboth Chhieng Leng Sok Lak Daravuth
News & Entertainment Phin Santel Vutha Morn Mao Piseth THAY Visal (The Magical World of Harry Potter) CHAN Seyha Se Kimsan
Film Sithen SUM
Lifestyle Leny Keo
Photography and Traveling Tyta Buth. Mao Piseth Chea Phal Ta Mab
Culture and Heritage Kerdomnel Khmer Foundation (CHEN Chanratana)
Social work, Sustainable development, Kmer Empire culture (Khmer For Khmer Group – K4K GROUP)
Motivational Chantra Be The Best Learning Website by a Cambodian for Cambodians
Tourism the travel info in Cambodia Keo Leny First online hotel booking in Cambodia Keo Leny Ta Mab
Literature Ta Mab
Open Movements/ Collaboration/ Volunteering(all below projects always welcome contributors) – Khmer Wikipedia – Khmer Localization – Creative Commons Cambodia – Cambodia’s eGov
Open Data
Education -Life style and general knowledge by Cambodian Man.
Southeast Asian Blogs
ASEANNews about ASEAN:
Cambodian Student’s Article blog
Published Writings and Articles: a blog for learning different ways of writing, being motivated, and building knowledge.

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