Some of us like travelling, some of us like shopping but what we find in common among ourselves is that we love reporting on a variety of things, one of which is the development of this region: Southeast Asia. That’s why we come up with this blog:

I have recently attended training on ASEAN reporting for two weeks in Jakarta, and acquired more understanding of policies, institutions and organs of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Watch our group grow!

Our group includes:

Augusto Sarmento Dosreis – Timor Leste

Jose Amenlio – Timor Leste

Sally Piri – Brunei

Hakim Hayat – Brunei

Bin Bunna – Cambodia

Kounila Keo – Cambodia & this blog admin

Saoyuth Dara – Cambodia

Nayheak Khun – Cambodia

Nang Tin Twe – Myanmar

May Win Mon – Myanmar

Wisnu Dewabrata – Indonesia

Ulma Nurriva Haryanato – Indonesia

Phoonsab Pong – Laos

Le Thu Huong – Vietnam

Sam Thi Hoa – Vietnam

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