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Illusionary Game

Last Sunday, I thought of a change in an environment. After two unproductive days at work, I decided to give myself a new challenge. What was that? That was going out and seeing people. When did it become a challenge just to see people? I don’t know. :-D

That day, my sisters and I dashed off to the Sorya Shopping mall minutes after arriving home. I saw nothing but same old things at the place, so went up to the top floor only to find this spooky thing called “Ghost House” which I’m sure has recently been a craze in Asia. In Germany, there is also such an “entertainment” place. It might not just be a thing for Asians, I thought. However, it turned out that Asians were the biggest fans of all these ghostly things. Honestly, it’s for everyone who wants to experience hallucination or shock. When I spotted all these disgusting paintings of ghosts, I just switched my direction from right to the left. There, I found this game station where a small crowd was glancing at its screen. Four girls were being rocked ceaselessly in a roller-coaster car in a SMALL ROOM . Not funny. What were they seeing, I was wondering. Fazed by the mystery, I had my sister pay $3 for my curiosity. ;-)

What did you see?
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