My Phnom Penh

I was interviewed by Phnom Penh Post journalist Harriet Fitch Little who asked me about my most favourite spots in my hometown, Cambodia.  She has done justice to my descriptions of the places. Phnom Penh is a growing city, and there are definitely good and bad things about this place. For the past few years, I have

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Sharing is Caring

I drink Coke these days, and while I’m writing this, I’m craving for the taste of Coca-Cola with ice and a lemon twist to it (by sprinkling some lemon on it or soaking lemon slices in it) which always gives me a refreshing feeling when I travel. At different stores, I can easily find a box of about

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Part I: Why do I blog?

Some readers are wondering about what really inspires me to keep blogging about Cambodia and the region, especially amid busy schedules at school and work. After going through old emails sent from some readers, I’ve decided to share a reason each in the next blog posts, and hope that other people or budding bloggers can relate

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Moving to Singapore

Greetings from Singapore! For the next two years, I’m going to be based out of Singapore. It’s been wonderful being in Singapore for a little more than one month now. I’ve just created a tumblr blog to capture all the fun stories about Singapore from my own perspective and that of my classmates from all over the world :).

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