Death: My Cat's Story

Have you ever witnessed a death? Please excuse me if I asked you a silly question you might not want to hear. It is no escaping from the fact that death enters every door of people. But as you and I naturally feel, death is horrible and “I” can’t bear it. I witnessed the death […]

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My First Year at DMC

Last night I had a strange dream. I was lying on the floor in my room quietly. Everything kind of turned into a dream and I was not there any more. I was watching my life from the outside but I was not an active player in it. Everything seemed very strange and unfamiliar. I

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” I have a lesbian friend”, which is an astonishing statement for any Cambodian to hear. Why can I not say this? And what is wrong with the word “Lesbian” or even “gay”? We know that a lesbian is a girl who is sexually interested in the same sex or another girl while a gay

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A beautiful plant that has survived! It’s so nice to look at the clear blue sky, the blue sea waves and the natural plants we see around. When stressed, sad and down, just look at the clear blue sky, get energy from the wind, the sun and the smell from the earth. ” Problems come

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Our Challenge!

Have we all ever thought about something special? I mean, this time I’d like to talk about our one creative system which was done by a Cambodian history teacher of mine, Mr. Sambo Manara. You might think it would be something complex and only clever people can do it. but well, let’s start and try it

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I am going to introduce you to Mr. Prem Rawat, called Maharaji, who has dedicated all his life to explaining people the messages of what is called “Peace”. It is peace that you do not have to find outside and it is peace that nothing in this world can buy. It is not something that

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Go for the Medals! :)

After quite a long time, I decided to write my unforgetable memories. I want my past to be my encouragement and do not want it to haunt me once again. That is why I need to make every moment of my life best in my thought and conscience. Now let’s start from today. My teacher, Sambou Mannara, my Cambodian

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