Our Challenge!

Have we all ever thought about something special? I mean, this time I’d like to talk about our one creative system which was done by a Cambodian history teacher of mine, Mr. Sambo Manara. You might think it would be something complex and only clever people can do it. but well, let’s start and try it out. 🙂
Mary (25) + John(30) marry and they have a child called Maria. When their child reaches 18, Mary is 43 and John is 48.
Have you ever considered that we children (as I suppose) should stop putting a burden on our parents when we reach 18 years old? Obviously, when our parents get older until 50 years old with no burden from us, they will have more money to support themselves and much more free time to enjoy their own personal lives. They may very much like their granddaughter or son but do you think they are going to spend their old lives looking after their grandchildren? You might not like this idea at all though they persist and resist on helping mind your kids.
Let’s get back to the first place a little bit. Why don’t we start work at the age of 18 or more than that? We want out parents to live longer, don’t we? So we need to make them free from stress and trouble that is caused by us all. Make them feel you are independent. They can live longer and get healthier when they don’t have to stay at home advising you how to spend money or how to do things. Maybe you need their advice sometimes. But try to make them see that you are self-dependent. You shouldn’t feel self-conscious just now when you hear this. You can start to do it from this minute on.
Think about people’s life span in Cambodia. People don’t live a quite long life here. One of the major causes is that they work to support their children until they get too old to work. On one hand, when they age, their children will have their own lives too. On the other hand, they don’t have enough money to make their ends meet since they have spent most of it on things their children ask for. Yet maybe you think our tradition is to be dutiful to and to take care of our parents when they are old. However, it is not the point I’m talking about. Get off their burden by starting from you first. Get off their back now if possible. To be a dutiful child in this matter is to make sure that you become independent and financially able to support yourself, though you can’t support your parents just now. To be a dutiful child means to make your parents feel relieved about your life and let them live their trouble-free lives.
________________*50*___________________ (parents)
relax and enjoy their lives
_________________*18*__________*50*___________ (children)
start work
Can you feel that we children will live longer too because our children will take our place and do what we do too?
Note***: Enjoy the discussions below. A friend argued about the fact that it was hard for young people to find jobs, but my comments ran counter to it. I have provided an example for my friends and siblings by being able to find a job when/before I started my university and continuing to work in university and after university. Life is all about doing work that you love.

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  1. What a great idea!

    But you may know that job market in Cambodia is not as big enough for young people. WHY? you may read in the newspaper announcement for job vacancy. It always says that need BA and Experience,…

    Somehow I don’t think that most of the people may have the chances to work. Even though, they want to. This is caused by many fectors, such as, no skills, no opportunity, no times, no network,…

    I do agree that we want to make our parents happy. But not just only we work to support them or ourself, there might be something more, such as, try to study, don’t try to make them worry about us, don’t go out late at night,…

    Yes COOL if we coul work to support them from 18. That’s a great idea.

    Your Bro Chesda

  2. Hi Brother Chesda,

    Thanks very much for raising some thoughts in this discussion.

    Really, youngsters always long for high-paid jobs like managers, researchers or staff in companies or something. How often do we think about some other avaible jobs that we can take time to do? No…you can go ask most of them. I believe they have chances to do no matter what. Why? “No skills, no opportunity, no time and no network”, I’m sorry to say, are just excuses they make. One of the reasons is that I’m not saying forcing everybody to go and find work now but I’m focusing on people of the right age (over 18) if possible. They can do little things to get some money to offset their expenses…Let’s think about the opportunity cost. Are we sure we spend every free minute we have wisely? Why not take an hour or so to do something that teaches you how life is outside?

    As you learned from school, Brother, more economic acitivities improve people’s living standards. There are about 6 million young people in Cambodia. According to the research, the most poor people are students at school, who depend on their parents’monthly salary. How much do we lose per day? If those 6 million earned less than or at least 1 dollar per day (produce what they can), the income would be about 6 million dollars as estimated.

    There are two kinds of jobs we can think of. One is the job that we do to help us a little..just a simple that students can start to do now. The other is our career that after graduation, we can take. So I suggest, don’t go too far…I mean, don’t expect to get the best jobs of all.Do the jobs that you can certainly fit into.

    I grant you, Brother Chesda. Having a job now is just part of what makes our parents happy. But your job is going to teach you how to behave better.You’ll learn things you never knew. When you get involved in the world of jobs, you will find your attitude grow.

    “Try to study, don’t try to make them worry about us, don’t go out late at night”…I agree completely that these have to be done somehow. But why are they worried about us? Let’s imagine. When we children go on, they think “Oh, my son or daughter has been away, how’s she/he now?” This naturally happens. But as long as you show them your independency and mature feelings, you can reassure them not to worry. Worry comes with nature though it doesn’t get us anywhere. But when you are your strong and independent self, you make them restassured. 🙂

  3. Yes, Miss.

    Thank for many good advice. That really the case. But I still think that if they have no time let say one of my friends, he is so busy with his studies. He study WTO universities and at ACE too. I talk to him do you want some voluteer works? He said where is the time?

    Another one of my friends too, I ask him why don’t you work? He said, I don’t think I can do the work.

    For me I really do a little work, but non-profit, it’s something like volunteer.

    I have to join the SME meeting, so will talk about this more later.

    Good thought, but not at the right situation. I hope we can change.!!!

  4. Hi Brother Chesda,

    I appreciate volunteer work. It’s great too. But have you ever seen people who have learned too much not getting the jobs they applied for? But the jobs they want turn to people who didn’t get a degree as high as theirs are!!! This is because we choose to study, study, study but never practice or apply to it (use it to benefit us).

    This is what i have to say. We learned too much but it’s not so good that we can’t apply to what we have learned…I mean, we can’t use our knowledge to benefit us right now. I guess you have ever heard “chamnes deng” vs. “chamnes thveo”…

    How’s the SME meeting? What’s it really about? 🙂

  5. SME is the (Small and Medium Enterprise).

    The meeting is about finding the ways to settle the problems between the employers and employees regard to the labour law. It specifically focus on night shift works and labor contracts.

    Right now both parties the Employers and the employees don’t agree with each other yet about that. There are different definitions to give to the same article of the law. It is the fixed duration contract termination and renewing the contracts. Note: there are two kinds of labour contracts one is fixed duration contract and the other is undetermined duration contract. They are really different from each other.

    Do you sign the labour contract? If so, you have to know that is it the fixed or undetermined duration contract? You will have different benefit from the contract you made.

    I can’t tell you more detail about that. But if have time you should read labor law about the labour contract.

    Yes, I agree that we need to use our knowledge. That’s why I choose to work as volunteer even not the employee.

    I hope Cambodian Youths will use their abilities in the workplace at the same time they are in school.

    Cool and great! you play as the model for them, aren’t you?

    Best regards,

    Your brother!

  6. Hi Brother Chesda,

    You too! You are playing a model role for every one of us. Great! Really! Thanks for your information about labour contract. When it comes to conflicts between employers and employees over anything, they can go to “arbitration council”. Do you think so?

    I have one question about law. There is a two-storey building which is owned by three people. Mr.A owns the ground floor. Mr. B owns the first floor and Mr. C owns the second floor. But what if the first and second floors collapsed or broke but the ground floor didn’t and the second and first floor owners want the ground floor owner to help pay to rebuild the first and second floor? Is there any law about this?

    I am asking you but I know you are not a lawyer..but that’s fine because you are knowledgeable about law..:)

  7. Oh, Thank. I am not that great.

    Not all the conflicts about labor contracts will be settled by the arbitration council. Only the collective labor disputes will be settled by the AC. But there are several procedures for the parties to use before they use the AC Procedure. They are Negotiation, Conciliation, then AC. if no solution will be strike or court procedures.

    For that problems, it related to land law. As I know we didn’t have our CIVIL code be passed by the parlaiment yet. I think the ground owner must help them pay for the new construction. Because, the new construction will start from the ground. But he/she may spend less than the others. Is there the law about that? AH?!?! I need to check the land law and civil law before I answer to your question. Because we law students can’t remember every article of the laws, but we know how to find it.!.

    I can’t explain you through this blog. If you want to know about that, maybe I have to send you by email and I need time to do the research for that.

    However, this problem won’t happen, I think. Cos it’s impossible that only the first and second flore collapse, but not the ground one. Is there any thing like that happen in the real life? If so and you need help call me.

    Yes I am not a lawyer, but can say that better than ordinary people. Cos I know quite well about law than those who are not usually read legal texts.

    Call me if you need help with law, but as I said I need to find out cos i can’t remember every article of laws.

    Brother must help sister, isn’t it!!?!?

  8. hi f/d i miss you all pretty much. just finished with exam. Er yes Mila. your text is quiet interesting. I also have an similar idea with Chesda. But you two replys are long. However, I think long is good because it got good good ideas. hahah.

  9. Well, when I read through all reply here, I agree with Nila that say that we student need to practise our skill, our ability not just study study. I also think that it is good when we try to apply or work as a volunteer staff(just like Nila mentioned too). For me, now I am also looking for a job not because of financal problem but I want to know about my ability whether I can do it or not. We have to earn for experiences. Experiences is very important. In my thought, having a job or doing work is the most happy time that I want. Do you think so? because when we have a job, we a happy. So that will make our life last longer as well. And more…….

    Ok, I am very happy to join in discussion forum here in Nila’s blog. And I will join again next time na. Nila, you raise quite a good topic hey.

    Now, bye bye. Chat to you later. From Lyda.

  10. Hi Lyda and Nila,

    Nice to see you here Lyda. But it is unfair that you two are girls and only me one boy, Maybe I need someone who is male to join here hey.

    I can’t tell you my phone number here but I will send you sms. Nice to know you guys.


  11. That’s is unfair Chesda. I told you my number here but you can’t post in public. I just want to make friend. Heheheh. Ok tell Nila ploung.

  12. Hi Lyda,

    It’s fantastic you have joined my blog, right here :). Yes, Lyda, I agree that it’s the most happy time working as we meet new people. Oh, I want to know your phone number. Maybe I’ll ask Brother Chesda about it. Thanks, Lyda, for your ideas. This topic concerns each and individual for their capacity in living and self-improvement.

    Hey, brother Chesda, let’s bring someone male here…so we can argue..hehee..How about Prasoeur? hehe..

  13. Yes, I like discussing very much, Mr. Frank.

    Really, my friends can call me Miss..but you can’t…you said you wouldn’t deserve to be your friend.

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