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A Real Educator in Cambodia

[A personal note I wrote back in 2018 about Professor Sambo Manara] It was 2006 when my life changed forever. I was becoming 18 years old and life looked so hopeless. A child of farmers – who had to become sort of a partial bread winner and to juggle between “earning the bread” and studies

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Interview with AsiaLife Magazine

Headline: BLOGGER AND DIGITAL PIONEER KOUNILA KEO January 08, 2018 As one of the country’s first bloggers and digital pioneers, self-made Kounila Keo, 29, has secured a string of successes under her belt. Editor Marissa Carruthers talks to her about starting as a stringer for international media, being crowned one of Forbes Under 30s 2017, launching a company

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2017 highlights

After my graduation in 2016 from a Singapore university, I decided to give a try and look for a job outside Cambodia. But, home kept pulling me back, and opportunity for travel for work (not necessarily for leisure) kept pouring in. How could you refuse when it came knocking on your door? Fast forward to

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