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2017 highlights

After my graduation in 2016 from a Singapore university, I decided to give a try and look for a job outside Cambodia. But, home kept pulling me back, and opportunity for travel for work (not necessarily for leisure) kept pouring in. How could you refuse when it came knocking on your door?

Fast forward to the end of 2016, I set up a team to provide full digital services and scored a few clients. Without realizing, I met some of the best people from Southeast Asia, and we happened to be business partners. There, REDHILL Cambodia was born, and furthermore my role is not just limited to Cambodia, but covers Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar). My travels also help me meet some business leads; that is why I keep travelling, to be inspired and contribute to places I go to.

I was not and am still not a blogger full time because blogging to me is just a hobby I do when I feel like it. I do not want to turn it into a chore, and I’ve so far been pleased that other people have benefited from my online sharing since 2007.

Whereas, the last three months of 2017 was amazing. Full of exciting travel schedules to the USA, Bogota (Colombia), Japan, India, Dubai (UAE), and home. But, the beginning of 2017 also tested my strength in coping with travelling schedules and having to make daunting decisions (between a full time job or a business that might drain my own pocket in no time).

But hey, here are some of the best things that happened to me in 2017, and due to a limitation of a blog post, I could not post all the wonderful photos and display pictures of all of the most generous individuals I’ve met along the way.

I hope that some of the Instagram photos below are entertaining enough.

Yangon, Myanmar

Mediterranean food for lunch with Hiroko san #Myanmar #yangon

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Valencia (Spain)

Saigon, Vietnam


Manila, the Philippines


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Catching up wth @jduquedaileg and her husband in #Pasay #MetroManila

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Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Girl power #REDHILL #KualaLumpur #Malaysia #PRagency #Media #Comms

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With kind people in DC

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You may guess. I have gained many pounds in DC.

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Inside the US State Department in Washington DC

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#Duke #University #Chapel

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This new techie band from #Cambodia called “Red Hot Prohok”

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Bogota, Colombia


#tokyo #japan

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Indian girls ? #GES17 #India #CambodianinIndia

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Bollywood stars: Ramona and her mom

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#LodiGardens #NewDehli #India on a smoggy day

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#Dehli #India

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And, Dubai

I certainly can’t thank the US State Department enough for choosing me as one of the 7 candidates of IVLP for a tech entrepreneurship program. We visited Washington DC, North Carolina (Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham), Cleveland (Ohio), and last but not least the Silicon Valley (San Francisco). And, again I am also thankful for being selected for Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India in November. When I thought that I would not have any other travel schedule, I led a small FAM trip for Emirates to Dubai for 5 days. Oh, how I loved Dubai!

From Asia to the US, South America, and Dubai, I have encountered really kind individuals from different nationalities who have made all my trips wonderful. Yes, friends, you know who you are, and I am indebted to your kind assistance in any way. I cannot wait to return your kindness and favours and especially pay forward. My heart is full and happy, and no matter how stressed I am, thinking about your act of kindness makes my day go easy.

Admittedly, I am really a newbie when it comes to handling businesses, but I am certainly not afraid to work hard and make my customers/clients proud of the outcomes/results. Yet, I do not wish to use this blog post to talk a lot about my professional career 🙂 just because what makes us and our new year a special one is more than just our career. Family matters, too. And, to me, family is my everything. I’ve also learnt after all these years that “it’s not what I have in my life but whom I have in my life that counts”. <3

And, by the same token, my little nephew (one year and a half) wishes you a wonderful year.

With Love,

Kounila aka bluelady

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  1. Reading your 2017 in a blog post makes me put on my list to reflect on what my 2017 in a nutshell looks like… thanks!

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