The first day to hit the ice!

(Editor’s note in 2013: The first day to break the ice) 🙂 

Finally, I have succeeded in making a blog for myself as I had always wanted. I had tried as many times as I could in order to make one. As I am a freshman of Media and Communication, I must have a very good command of using English effectively and efficiently. This does not mean that I must speak English like a native speaker. Making this blog enables me to practice my English as much as possible.

It is not always easy to be a student and a teacher at the same time. I study at the university from Monday to Saturday, starting from 7: 30 in the morning to 5: 00 in the evening. Also, I teach three hours every day, from 1 pm to 2 pm, from 5: 30 pm to 6: 30 pm and from 7: 30 pm to 8: 30 pm. It is almost hard to balance a lot of things at the same time but I want to feel independent when I am now exactly 19 years old. In other countries like the USA, a lot of youngsters start to work at an earlier age like 14 or 15, because they expect to be independent in a few years. They can earn their own money to pay for school fees and spend it in the way they think is right. It is really admirable and in order to make Cambodia develop better and better, teenagers should really understand it. That I say this does not mean that I am perfect in that (in every way). But working right now is very important and I want to make our society the one that young people support old people, not the old support the young as in this present society.

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