” I have a lesbian friend”, which is an astonishing statement for any Cambodian to hear. Why can I not say this? And what is wrong with the word “Lesbian” or even “gay”?

We know that a lesbian is a girl who is sexually interested in the same sex or another girl while a gay is a boy or man who has a sexual interest in a man. Now these two words are commonly used for those people and can cause curiosity as well as anxiety among people. As our own basic life right has stated, people cannot be detained or found guilty because of their sexual orientation or whatsoever. Cambodian people might get information that gays and lesbians have been influenced owing to the foreign culture; however, we must base our opinions on the facts.

While gays and lesbians are appearing in Cambodia and other parts of the world, ideas for and against all these people also happen instantaniously. Each country has confronted the same issues from people who are not any kind of these two people. Yet, in some other countries, the two types of people are treated normally like others. As far as the support for these revolutionary situation is concerned, gays and lesbians are human-beings too and they have rights to hate and love somebody. Further, there is nothing wrong with their sexual orientation as long as they do not harm other people.

How about you? What’s your idea about them?