Coming back to the Kingdom when U.S. Embassy Facebook Page has 1 million fans strong

It is pretty emotional coming back home. Yes, coming home after two years of being away and completely neglecting this blog. However, I am still going to live my nomadic life, travelling here and there non-stop when opportunity arises. 😉
And, today happened to be a day full of fun because of a chance to meet some old blogger friends and celebrate along with the Ambassador, his wife, and some of the embassy staff.
They also celebrated this achievement with a lot of Cambodian youths. More than that, the Embassy has apparently recruited a group of people to work on their Facebook strategy so that their messages spread widely across Cambodia. And, I think that this Embassy is one of the most serious about the social media.
When I did digital marketing for one year back in 2013, I usually went back to the Facebook page of the Embassy for some take-away lessons (apparently). 😛

The Ambassador and his wife cutting the cake. =)

Tharum, Sovathary, me, and Chetra (Nickname: Cambodia’s Iron Man)

Congratulations to the US Embassy, Phnom Penh.

Yarat, Chetra, me, Tharum, & Sovathary

Thanks to a friend for all these photos.
It’s great to come back home. At least, for awhile. <3
From Phnom Penh with LOVE