Interview with AsiaLife Magazine

Headline: BLOGGER AND DIGITAL PIONEER KOUNILA KEO January 08, 2018 As one of the country’s first bloggers and digital pioneers, self-made Kounila Keo, 29, has secured a string of successes under her belt. Editor Marissa Carruthers talks to her about starting as a stringer for international media, being crowned one of Forbes Under 30s 2017, launching a company […]

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Interview with AsiaLife

I’d like to share with you a piece of my mind. Oops, just a piece of me. ———————————- One of the pioneer bloggers in the Kingdom, Kounila Keo is the author of Seth Emmanuel Rinoza finds out what motivates Keo to write. Photo by Conor Wall. Kounila Keo was born with a mindset to share her

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