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Photos: Visit to USNS Mercy

USNS Mercy
Yarat Un from the US embassy, Princess Soma Norodom, Saoyuth Dara, Tharum Bun, me, Sovathpary Bon, Chetra Chap and Khmerbird (Santel Phin) – from left to right

I was supposed to make this blog post in 2012, but I waited till 2015 to do this. Apologies to those who waited. A lot of my friends asked me how I got a chance to ride the chopper and go to the ship, and so this blogpost is only meant to shed light on the reason how I was selected and on the collaborative humanitarian work by eight nations to provide assistance to countries which need help.

The US Embassy wrote to me one morning that they would like to invite some bloggers, and therefore I sent them the list of Cambodian bloggers I knew, except Princess Soma Norodom who was honorably invited by them. USNS Mercy is a hospital ship with 894 feet, and a crew size of + 1,200, (70 civil service mariners, and 1,200 Navy medical personnel).

group photo
A group photo before the flight
usns put on helmet
Okay, I was getting ready for the flight.
usns read
Yes, I got ready fast.
usns nice american soldier
He helped us put on our helmet and got us ready for the flight. We took off near the airport. 
usns tharum
Tharum Bun
USns tharum and me
Brother Tharum and I
usns with soma
Princess Soma Norodom and I
usns saoyuth
Happy Dara Saoyuth on the Helicopter flight 
usns sovath chap shooting photos
Chetra and Thary were always ready to shoot (photos)
black hox
We got on the one on the right.
USNS handsome dudes
It took me a day for my ears to recover from the helicopter noise.
usns above1
Its beautiful from above.
usns F and M soldiers
Say cheese… The officers  accompanied us all the way from Phnom Penh to Sihanouk and to Koh Kong.
usns from above
The view we had minutes after we were above Phnom Penh
usns group photo
A group photo inside USNS Mercy
USNS woman
The officer provided us a lot of information about USNS Mercy Ship.

usns boy patient
A small patient inside USNS Mercy
usns boy
He didn’t look afraid and was awarded a medal for his courage. =)
usns patient
His wife did an eye surgery on the ship. Medical staff said that they only did minor or mildly serious surgeries.
usns sleeping for patients
Facilities inside the USNS Mercy
usns scanner
Facilities inside the ship
usns lunch together
We had lunch together inside the USNS Mercy after a tour around
usns megan
I made friends with Megan who came with the USNS Mercy Ship
USNS Mercy
Another group photo inside the USNS Mercy
usns soma
Princess Soma and her new friends inside the USNS Mercy. Everywhere she goes, people love taking pictures with her. =D
usns attentive listeners
We were given a tour around the ship and the ship captain was giving some bits of how the ship travels.
usns explaing
I forgot his name, but usually names can be seen from the uniform.
usns koh kong to hospital
The view we had after we reached Koh Kong from Sihanouk Ville where the ship was docked.
usns checking up
Villagers getting checked by a few American medical personnel before proceeding to the treatment room
usns supplies
The officers  preparing medical supplies in Koh Kong
usns flores
Charming Flores
usns suppliesss
I could faint at the sight of these.
usns patients at school
Villagers lining up for medical services provided by the USNS Mercy’s medical staff members
usns curing
Medical members tending to the boy’s teeth
usns medical check up
the medical doctor and the translator talking to the mother and daughter
usns american soldiers two men
We flew from Phnom Penh to Sihanouk where the ship was docked. Later on, we were flown to Koh Kong where the medical site was set up to give medical services to villagers.
usns outside shop
The lovely view of the deck from inside USNS Mercy

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