2005-written email I sent to one of my best girfriends

Dear Vanneth,
How are you today? I think that you are still doubting that I am telling you the truth. In fact, I know you are still doubting. I can’t thank you enough for it. It means you care about me. You know, I had been in that situation before and somehow I won’t let myself in that situation. Although I may have, I try to control myself because I have learned so far and I don’t wanna be crazy and stupid. Everything has got its exception. Love is not everything, but my family is everything for me. As you have known me, I can still do difficult things in my life. I must of course listen to you because you are my friend. What I can do most now is to learn and find out facts about life. The teacher told me to live to learn and understand the facts of family and study.
I guess you are afraid that I am in one and the feeling to forget someone is hard. All the girls may have that, but I am as tough as a nail. I want to give someone a taste of his medicine if he is lying me. But it is a bad deed. I will follow you. But could you let me do a little more? I mean chatting. Thank you for telling me. I think it must have been very hard for you to forget someone and you are scared that I will be broken heart if I still do it. Don’t worry, baby. I am a superman who never loses in that. Please believe in me. Believe in my thoughts. Trust myself. Think of me. Tell me the bad things and good things about me myself. Tell me what you don’t like about my behaviour.
I am sorry for some behaviour I did when talking with you in the evening. You may find it awkward for you or think that I was still telling you a lie. I guess I know it. Believe in me. Trust me. Love me (kidding). But as you know me, I am still your thoughtful friend.
From your best friend
Keo Kounila