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Bitter-sweet memories of May and June

May and June were bitter and sweet. Bitter because I lost a travel blogger friend in an accident in a hotel in Indonesia. One of those few people that left unforgettable imprints in my mind. She was a little star and her passing left a big hole in our heart. I hope she’ll look back and feel proud of the fact that we continue to miss her and carry on what she loved: travelling, writing, and exploring the world.

I also would like to share something more in this blog post. Recently I want to get myself involved more and more in entrepreneurship, such as managing a PR agency in Cambodia and appearing pretty often in the media to share experiences. I hope to continue doing more work that is meaningful to me and others.

Link to the video interview with Bayon TV: http://bayontv.com.kh/2017/06/118301/

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

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