Calling for Help-Van Nath Hospitalized

Friends and family are seeking help from all.
Dear Friends
Please allow me to send you this urgent call for help.
Vann Nath whom you all know as a S-21 survivor, a painter and a restless and dedicated witness of the Khmer Rouge regime atrocities has been admitted on Tuesday to the emergency unit at Calmette Hospital, in Phnom Penh: This is the only institution which seems to be able to treat the bowel (duodenom) and stomach haemorrhage he is suffering from (though, I am not in position to give you further details).
Vann Nath is fighting for his life, and his wife and children stand by him. However, their financial resources cannot sustain such medical costs for long.
With Vann Nath’s agreement, I am therefore sending this appeal for funds in order to help his family to pay for medical bills and to support them through such painful struggle. Whatever the amount, any donation you may send will show your solidarity and support to him and his family.
I am very grateful for any contribution you may give.
Donations can be sent in a sealed envelope to Elen Gallien, at the Bophana Center (n°64 street 200). She is in charge of collecting all donations until Saturday included. Her telephone number is 092 132 718.
I truly thank you for your help.
Morover, if any of you’s blood type is A+ or O+ and is willing to donate their blood, please give me your contact details so that we can contact you whenever that might be necessary.
Best wishes and many thanks,
Rithy Panh