Cambodia's Provisional National Elections Results

As promised, I tried keeping tweeting with this hashtag #electionskh with my Cambodian friends. The foreign correspondent and press also used #electionskh within today. It was an interesting day indeed, because there was so much shared from one person to another.
As of the late evening of July 28th, it was 68 seats for CPP and 55 seats for CNRP. Not bad at all. Unofficial but the Cambodia Daily had it in details.
Cambodian People’s Party: 68 seats, Cambodian National Rescue Party: 55 seats

Follow the hashtag #electionskh.

3 thoughts on “Cambodia's Provisional National Elections Results”

  1. This is the figure that puzzles me most:
    Total number of people who turned up: 3,878,968 (40.09 %)
    Can this be real?

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