Childish Thought

20 years have passed since I was in the twinkle of my father’s eyes. I can remember every minute of my life. What’s gone past stays in my mind as if it happened in daylight. I even wonder what people in the primitive times reflected on their past. How did they react to what they remembered they did previously? Was it ever the same as we human beings this century think? Well, at times I try to parry these questions. I’m no genius to really find out the correct answers.

Everybody becomes one when it comes to an incident to see their long-hidden photo of their childhood. Yeah, you are not alone. I found this photo yesterday in my computer. I hope you don’t think that my computer hard disk is like a big city, hard to search for people. Crumbling after looking at my photo, I started to feel warm toward it. It was me, it is me!

Babies born alive are always expected to live happily in their later life by their parents. They are protected from even small ants to heat. Their brain is just like a blank piece of paper which can absorb good or bad inks compared to their surroundings. True. But it doesn’t mean that all the bad inks or things are always bad. Good parental advice and love can shape up good future-to-be people. When I look at myself in the picture, many questions are shot at me by myself. How could I carry on all these years? How could this little girl become a 20-year-old person already?

Look at her. She looked very afraid. She’s always mommy’s daughter, was always by her mother’s side all the time. She was camera-shy too. I bet she never ever saw a camera before in her little life. When I look at other babies and kids from various backgrounds (no matter where they are from), my only wish inside stirs up. I only long for them to become happy, good and no-trouble people in the future. To look for good-for-family-and-society people, first it’s important to look at how babies and kids are raised up. It hurts when children are left to their own devices without love, care and attention.