Email sent to my classmates–I'm happy to read

This angry email was sent to us this morning, stemming from the late coming of several students including me. I didn’t back off and smiled at  him because I knew what wrong I’d done. I don’t back off but feel sure that I’m going to do my best and do it best finally. Nobody wants to dwell on mistakes, and either do I. So the answer is that “I’ll do”, better than “I’ll try”.

[….You all still need support to become well-rounded, rational and productive citizens — not just workers. Cambodians have historically been categorized by many as one of the laziest peoples in Asia, and if we don’t swim against this tide, who would? Foreigners have always looked down on Cambodians’ lack of professionalism, punctuality and planning. I know you all will argue, but action speaks louder than words.

Some students think they are on top of everyone/everything………This is a huge “false consciousness” [to borrow Marx’s words]. The sky is high, and where you’ll reach is not yet known. I bet with my head that this country will always be a loser if its people never realize how antagonistic they are toward growth and professionalism. However, I will always hope you make a change in this country. Remember, Pol Pot, Kaing Gech Eav, Khiev Samphon, and the like, are all well-educated and intelligent people. SO we should always always and always remember that the “irrational” often overwhelms the “rational” in human beings. Karl Marx said, in his powerful words, human beings’ perceptions and consciousness about themselves are limited by their existence and material givens. Remember? How “false” human perceptions and consciousness are! Unless we recognize this, we can think the other way round. Only when we recognize this and think the other way round, can we make a change…..I know these are strong words, which should not be used by an academic. But at times a human being can lose his/her temper — and I’m about to….]