I had a terrible dream—unforgettable nightmare

Last night, I had a chain of horrible dreams. I was left trembling after the last sequence of my dream. I couldn’t remember all of them nor understand how it could appear. It was something I always dread seeing. How gruesome and bloody it could be.

I dreamt of a Cambodian man sexually abusing or molesting two children: a boy and a guy. I remembered in the dream I saw lots of blood in the man’s hands and on the bodies. My mind was restless, and my soul (the way we call ourselves when we are dreaming) in the dream was riding a bike with my friend.

An article written on Thursday, September 24, 2009, featured a brutal murder of an 11-year-old girl who was gang raped, stabbed and had her throat slashed on Saturday.

That article paralyzed me for minutes. I also remembered that there’s such a similar case happening a few months back. That was when two girls in Pursat province were raped and brutally killed (hung on trees with her head moved in all directions). I feel so much pain reading all these gruesome stories. When will those perpetrators be brought to justice? There must be a harsh law to penalize those people who don’t have pity on humankind.

In my dream, I told my friend to shout for help from the villagers nearby, but she, a journalist, wanted to go on searching the place for evidence. I didn’t care about that. I just wanted to help the victims with blood on their body. I got up quite ill with a sad feeling carried on through the day.

2 thoughts on “I had a terrible dream—unforgettable nightmare”

  1. no surprises on having such a dream since there have been alot of realities of those crimes happening everywhere. it scares me everytime i read the news in khmer magazines, raping, killing, dad having sex with daughter … its so sad…

  2. It’s really ridiculous about incest…it shows the weak side of human beings merely as animals.

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