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Phum Dictionary, Phum Contact, Phum Cinemas (BizSolution)
Phum Dictionary, Phum Contact, Phum Cinemas (BizSolution)

If you look at impacts of smartphones on Cambodian society, undeniably they have become tools close to the heart of those users. They can access important information or news on social media or the Internet (that might be censored in the mainstream media.) Academically and professionally, people can now carry their light-weight smartphone anywhere they go without much effort. Mobile technology has never been this useful to us!

Development Innovations & Transparency International Cambodia organized a Mobile App Exhibition and Launch of BribeSpot App on May 29th from 4pm to 7pm. Here is a summary of the apps developed by the local developers displayed at the event.

Biz Solution is a local business specializing in creating apps that offer solutions (available on Android & iOS). Biz Solution displays Phum Dictionary, Phum Cinemas, Phum Contact, Phum Keyboard. These apps are available on Android as well as iOS devices. Phum Dictionary, Cambodia’s most popular Khmer Dictionary for Android OS, is now moving to next generation. In this upgrade, you will enjoy many premium and great features that you are waiting for. (XG Seus or XG សិស្ស is specially designed only for high school students. You need to purchase an XG Seus Mobitel sim card to get it to work on your smartphone.)

World Education displayed Aan Khmer App, an only Android app (to be released on Play store in early Junely 2014)The Aan Khmer app has been developed under the auspices of the TRAC project in support of MoEYS push to improve literacy levels. It is a phonic based approach to improve phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension-and it is simultaneously linked to the new MoEYS curriculum.

Vrecommend (an iOS app) is a rewarding app that is very image-driven, for peer-to-peer recommendation. The more you recommend, the more points and discount you will get from certain selected restaurants.


Apple Store:

Technovation eResult: helps parents follow up with their children’s performance and study record at school (not available on Playstore yet). eResults enables parents to stay close with their children and aims to improve the education in Cambodia. For students, this app is like a student’s best friend that can connect them to the school. This app took shape when a group of young girls between 18 and 23 years old worked together to enter the international mobile app contest “Technovation Challenge”. Find out more at

Convo-Mobile has released two Convo apps in Playstore (Android only) such as Convo En-Kh and Convo Fr-Kh , and will release “Convo En-Th, Fr-Kh, Convo Fr-Th, Convo Cn-Kh, Convo Cn-Th.” Learn Khmer via CONVO En-Kh as it is an easy way to use mobile Khmer Phrase Book that will give travelers who are going to visit/ visiting Cambodia a chance to converse in Khmer with the locals. The app provides audio pronunciations, making it possible for learners to listen to how words/phrases are pronounced. Words/phrases are divided into different categories, and this app operate offline very well. With Khmer Learner, it is easy to learn the basics of the Khmer language.

CamMob launched ooForces (for Android only) which helps to improve the efficiency of your mobile teams. People are shown on a Map, making it easy to assign jobs to the nearest available team member. By getting real-time visibility into where teams are and what jobs they are doing, work can be scheduled in a smarter, more efficient way.

Chatomuk Traffic allows users to search, report and share real-time traffic jam in Phnom Penh area. For both Android and iOS.

InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia displayed “Solid Waste Manager app” (not available on app store/play store yet) which helps improve coordination and around garbage disposal. The mobile app, powered by InSTEDD’s Resource Map platform, is a mobile geographical app for reporting the locations of solid wastes by anyone. Another app displayed is “Resource Map app” for Android & iOS.

Junimex launched uChat and 3GBox service for Android devices only. uChat (the “Service”) is a mobile social network App that was designed under Smart Telecom’s branding. From uChat to uChat which both parties are online, it has many categories of stickers on top of normal chat by message.uChat allows subscribers to record and send voice (when both parties of uChat are online). uChat allows subscribers to send pictures and other attachments   (when both parties of uChat are online). For subscribers, keep their connection and update information on time.

Open Institute launches Sar Khmer SMS (ផ្ញើសារជាអក្សរខ្មែរ), Khmer Choun Nath DictionaryKhmer Standard KeyboardOmnan RSS.  Khmer Choun Nath Dictionary (Unicode) 1.1 allows you to search and find Khmer words’ definitions using any Khmer Unicode keyboard. It works in Android version from 2.1 to the latest version. These are for Android devices only.

Aide et Action launches Khmer Library app (for Android devices only). Change our life through reading. Khmer library offers free access to thousands of books in Khmer and foreign languages for Cambodian children, teenagers and adults. There are a wide range of books available to enjoy hours of fun reading. Download everything from international bestsellers to your favorite comics. Join us in bringing reading in Cambodia into the digital age!

Osja Studio launched Ninja Impossible mobile game app, Kravity, Asva the Monkey (available on Android & iOS). This fast pace game has never been this addictive. “Nothing is impossible,” one might said. Description of the game: “Try this first and see if it’s still true. Challenge yourself with this impossible hard game. There’re always traps in Ninja world. So be careful with what you see, be very careful, as what you think it is, might not be what it is. It is a simple gameplay, but difficult to master yet addictive to challenge yourself. Ninja Impossible is the one which comes handy in testing your nerve.” (Ninja Impossible) (Kravity) (Asva the Monkey)

Tep Nimith: Khmer Keyboard & Smart Bunny (Android & iOS):

Launch of Bribespot Appthe app helps you document bribery cases that you face or others face. It keeps your personal data confidentially, and you can keep documenting incidents of corruption or bribery anonymously.