Geocache and travellers

Henner proudly shows his GPS receiver which he excessively uses to find a container called “Geocache” or “cache”.

Who says travelling is not a big deal? Henner Lei, a young man from Germany, says that he’s been travelling to different countries for several purposes. One of them is to find containers which might have “a few coins, a watch, a pen, and if lucky, some money.” If you wonder how, I’ll tell you now. Read this:
Heinner was travelling with his buddy from Germany, Kalle. Heinner said he wasn’t the only one who was travelling with that purpose. A lot of people wanna spice up their traveling flavour, and this is one of the ways to make your travelling more adventurous and fun.
Anyway, I met both of them at a thank-giving party in Battambang. At a thankgiving party? And in Battambang? @__@ Yeah, right. Cambodians don’t celebrate this occasion, mind you. But this party was hrown by Australian friends. Battambang was really a nice weekend gate-away because it brought a new breath of fresh air.