My Animal Farm

For the first time, I can hold these little 10-day old puppies. They’re the cutest. Photo by Vuthy Tan.

My little sis and her husband have set up an animal farm in the backyard where they raise rabbits, hamsters, geese, ducks, chickens, and white mice. I still remember the smell that lingers around my bedroom. You know the kind of smell that is so typical of an animal farm … 🙂
They were planning to import some giant rabbits (Flemish Giants) from Australia after contacted by an Australian gentleman married to a Cambodian woman.
He thought of helping bring some here in the hope that after the giant rabbits produce more babies, some can be provided to poor farmers in Siem Reap. But due to a high cost of shipping the animals to Cambodia, they have to delay that.
Lately, I promised her that if they could raise more rabbits, I would help set up a website for their business. :-/ For now, only this blog of their rabbits, being developed by me and written by my sis, will do:
Even though it’s still a small farm, we have received some visitors whom, after the visit, are always eager to come back and check out our new borns. I believe beauty is all around you, but what it takes to be able to see that is the ability to see beauty among ugliness. 🙂
This little farm is located in Chak Angre Krom about 5 kilometres south of Kbal Thnal roundabout. My little sis and her husband started it in 2010 after their wedding that took place at our house.
It’s a long story why my parents began the family on the land. In total, my mother has lived here all her life. The house and land that surrounds itself is almost a 100 years old.
Come and check our our cute animals when you are available. 😉
Little rabbits like eating grass and water green.

What comes to your mind?

Nearirath and Vuthy with our puppy.


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