schedule in English
schedule in English


     Another great and very exciting event of the year has arrived! Many Cambodians grasp that opportunity! The exhibition of the golden area of Cambodia’s film industry during the 1960s and 1970s has started since 17th October at 6pm at Chinese House, located along the riverside.
Unique and Fresh.
    The owner of the Chinese house, Brad Godden and Davy Chou, a young film-maker whose grand-father was Mr. Vann Chan, one of the most famous film-makers in Cambodia and his production group, colloborated and worked together to bring this idea up: bring back the memories of the great past.
    Cambodia shouldn’t be remembered just for the darkest period (Khmer Rouge regime). We had a very rich culture just before that Ultra-maoist period. We had about 33 movie theatres and during all those years, 350 films were produced. Most of the movies were adapted into Khmerization, with its internationally and locally famous genres.
    Eleven old films will be screened during the exhibition which in total lasts 9 days, from 17th to 25th November. Morever, paintings, photos and architecture model of old movie theatres, actors and actresses will be displayed at the exhibition.
Event: Golden Awakening: Bringing the Age of Cambodian Film Back to Life
Where: Chinese House
When: 17th to 25th October
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