Heating political arena this moment

What I don’t know is how long I will be able to comprehend a little more about Cambodia’s politics. Twenty-something, I am not a kid anymore. Nevertheless, my understanding about my own country’s politics is quite less than some foreign journalists and experts ;-). What a pity! Cambodians have had this mental state: politics is nothing but a trick, it all involves people to play onstage but behind the scene, it’s a completely different thing. How to explain this? Even my history teacher also warns me and my classmates against being a follower of any politician. We can die of being a follower when the leader isn’t very serious.
Let’s talk about what’s been happening for a few months. The first lead fire is the court case between Cambodian
parliamentarian Mu Sochua and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. It was all started because the Cambodian PM publicly called the lady ‘choeurng khlang’ which was dubbed into Khmer as ‘strong leg/female gangster’, an amusing word, indeed. What brought it to the court campus now? I don’t know what Ms. Mu Sochua thinks about, but she has gone far to charge the PM for 500 Riels (12 cents). It isn’t a minor charge, full of irony. I guess, she might know that she would never win over the case against the PM, but she’s struggling on. No kidding, she’s seemed like a strong woman who, I wish, would turn that apparent insult into a funny joke. How much she’s gonna pay and how long she’s gonna serve in the Cambodia’s prison ain’t so clear. Backed by Sam Rainsy (SRP political leader), she would have to pay the fine (if found guilty) and the only solution is that she asks for a royal pardon from the king. (Many convicted politicians have done so, and returned to Cambodia safely.)
Another imminent case is between Khmer Civilization Foundation director Meourng Son and the top government officials, over the criticism of a lighting scheme at Angkor Wat. The man insisted that lighting would do some damage; whereas, the government said it’s okay. Local media say there is little hope for him to return, yet he said he would write an apology to the King, PM, and the deputy PM. Besides the two cases above, Mu Sochua’s lawyer could almost get into trouble till he wrote a letter of apology to the PM. Same same but different. Furthermore, the editor of one strongly-expressed but a bit unprofessional opposition newspaper was sentenced, jailed for a while and released, after which he did the same as the lawyer. They at last resorted to an apology.
There isn’t much improvement in Cambodia’s politics. Fighting, argument, court case… These have tired Cambodia public and made them back off from figuring out what’s been occurring. I guess, old people and politicians try to shun me from getting exposed to it because maybe they are enjoying playing it alone. Or maybe, they are afraid young people will find out that it’s just a show or play to get an international spotlight. Therefore, I’d rather not be a follower but an observer.