Impression of the first Michelin-starred dinner at Topaz Phnom Penh

Hey, look who has just had a Michelin-starred dinner? 

I could have missed the invitation to experience my very first Michelin-starred dinner set to start at 6:30pm if not for going through my spam box in the late afternoon. So, as soon as I saw the invitation email from Thaliaz that runs Topaz Restaurant, I quickly gave a call to the marketing manager to reserve a seat for me. Who would not have accepted such a nice offer to have a taste of high-quality French cuisine, and especially meet a Michelin start chef?

Christian Peyre with some 40 years of experience in France travelled to Phnom Penh for a week to work along as well as share his experience with the Topaz kitchen team. Chef Peyre won the Michelin star back in 1995, having maintained it for some 20 years so far. For those of you who are foodies, like me, when a chef or a restaurant receives a Michelin star status, it really matters. A goddamn big deal.
The most memorable dishes I devoured that day include scallops with citrus caviar, squid with braised artichokes and Iberico ham, and pot-roasted wild partridge, not to mention 5 other unique items, which I hope my photos will do some justice to.

How cute! ? ⬇️ Canape: a delightful selection of bite-sized appetizers

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A Michelin-starred dinner was really a Michelin-starred dinner. ? You seriously can’t expect less than what’s already been said. ⬇️ • Out of all the 8 items to devour, this sweet goodness has proved to my non-sweet-toothed self that this roasted pineapple on gingerbread with a 15-year-old Scotch whisky (bourbon) ice cream was a piece of paradise. If you guys have seen me eating, you might not easily see me eat sweet after dinner. But this one has raised the standard of what could tingle your taste buds! The sweet-sour flavor of the pineapple and the passion fruit seeds was making love when then I started to feed myself a spoon-ful of the Bourbon ice cream. The temperature was later reduced to a mild one when raisins and nuts were chewed together. All the flavors danced happily at the end of the meal, leaving nothing but a sheer satisfaction with this wonderful meal. Thank you @celine.shilin for this chance. 😉 I hope to have many more. ⬇️ • Just can’t wait to share the whole review of the dinner with everyone! ♥️ • • #wheninphnompenh #PhnomPenh #foodie #Cambodia #topazrestaurant #topazrestaurantphnompenh

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Video bonus 😉

Rocher: Granita with frigolet liqueur 😉

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When the Michelin Guide which issues a Michelin star status to fine-dining restaurants around the world, stripped the stars from the New York-based restaurant of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, he cried, saying losing the stars was like “losing a girlfriend”! However, I do not think anybody would feel sad for chef Gordon Ramsey.
Update: Michelin-starred dinner is available twice a year at Topaz Restaurant. Though now it is not available, there are Christmas and New Year menu available. Staff at Topaz remains at your disposal. 
Topaz Restaurant is located at #162, on Norodom Blvd, and opens from 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:30 – 22:30. The Michelin-star-standard, six-course dinner costs between $75 and $120 (with selected wine pairings). 

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  1. A fine restaurant indeed. Many friends of mine have been here and have said what a wonderful meal they had and excellent service. Remember too that English speaking staff in the hospitality industry is vital nowadays to success!

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