my favourite media or journalism (more to come)

I’d like to make this post clear and concise. ‘Media’ is what I am taking classes to understand more and more. Historically, it has done so much work to the people with good and bad impacts, as known.
Media theories are very useful and authentic in the way they can help improve society and people’s living conditions. It also shapes the structure of the society and how it is run depends on many factors, but one of them is the media itself.
It turns out to be very hard for me to decide a favorite among different media outlets. As we have all known, media are divided into three big divisions: print, broadcast/electronic and new media. Print consists of newspaper, magazines, books, bulletins, newsletters, billboards…etc. Whereas, broadcast includes: radio, television…while the new media is the Internet.
Every day, I consume some of these divisions. I like reading newspaper, magazines and watching interesting movies and shows on TV. But my all-time favorite is obviously the Internet; that’s why I’m called ‘net devil’ at school. Not funny 😀 . Why do I like it? You guess 🙂 . I can’t find everything I want to know in newspaper or radio because they have a limit of coverage, while the Internet can provide everything I’d like, such as virtual communication with different people throughout the world. What’s more, I realize the world is flattened by it.
+I read news online almost every day, by typing and type in Cambodia into the box of directory.
+I read several books during the day and at night to keep my head clear of the Internet ;-).
+I watch TV only sometimes.
+I read newspaper, just several of it when I have time aside from surfing :D.
+And, I am a news maker (a euphemism for journalist). 😀