Trekking in Koh Kong

Trying to pedal, pedal, pedal, for my dear life!!How tiring!

Inside Safari World, I spotted these two ducks.I chose another one.haha

Safari World

Sadly, this riel bill isn’t needed by anybody.

Wild purple flowers I spotted while trekking

A sea crab inside!!!

I found it. It looks strange. There’s a living-being inside.

Sea with no boundary

Sunset at Koh Kong bridge

These cute girls aren’t afraid of me.

How embarrassed he looks!With the water plastic bags he’s holding.

This little army means business. Don’t go near them. You’ll get powder or water. It’s like ‘trick or treat’. haha

Attackers waiting for passers-by

Men victimized by powder and water thrown to them

Plastic ba
gs people put water in, to throw at the passers-by

This looks strange. What’s it to you?