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Kounila— What does it mean?

From time to time, strangers and acquaintants ask me what my name “Kounila” really means. All I can say is that there’s a reason why I was named “Kounila”.

People who hear my name for the first time think the name holder isn’t Cambodian. They even reckon I’m half-blood Thai or Laotian, even Fillipino. But their heart can be broken into pieces when they look at me. I’m 50% brown and have an average height–100% Cambodian.

The story is like this: “Once upon a time, there’s a beautiful princess.” Oops, I know that it shouldn’t start like that. Since my older sister’s name is Maly, it’s reasonable for me to have a name “Nila”. 🙂 My mother told me I was born in March. According to the Khmer calendar, March is “Phalkun”.

If you see that bold “K”, you will know what I mean. My first name starts with “K”, and “Nila” rhymes reversely with “Maly”. So, here I am “Kounila”.

I know that everybody loves their name and their uniqueness. I have no other different idea. I adore my name too and hope to live with it with “a good name” in society. ^_^

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10 thoughts on “Kounila— What does it mean?

  1. I don’t know why my dad named me Sovathary! I like the Sovath part. Coz it sounds monarchy, And Thary is so simple, goody goody. But when we put it together: Sovathary is a perfect name after all! Your post makes me love my real name even more. But your name, it’s strangely beautiful. PS: Can I add you to my blog list?

  2. @ Sir Nicholas: Thank you. Your Indian name is very cute too.

    @ TSK: Yes, my name should have been MIla, but “Mi” sounds very comtemptible in Cambodia, so my mom chose the best for me, NIla. 🙂

    @ Panharath: Thank you. Your name has a very good meaning, you know?…Panha = intelligent, Rath: beautiful girl.. so Panharath means an intelligent and beautiful girl 🙂

    @ Nathary: Sovathary, your name is the lattest and cutest name… it’s like Eric with Erica …and Sovath and Sovathary….hee.hee… Yes, it’s perfect. none of others have this name, u know 😀 … very unique.. Yes, please add mine to your blog list…

    P.S. I think I have commented in your blog before.. you visited my blog long ago 🙂


  3. it’s a beautiful name indeed! love it,it’s pretty much a déjà-vu to me…by the way, im ur secret admirer 🙂

    1. That’s very meaningful name , the same as my story Since I was grade 1 from primary school people called my name and they asked me ” what is your nationality ” ? I told them that No I’m Cambodian !
      My name Is “Maten” is translate From French “Matin” in English is “Morning” , because I was born in morning , As Cambodia People old generation people they known french as well so my dad he choose this and gave me the name as wonderful for me , so my friend they can call me correct but people that just see my name they will say my name it’s hard for calling !
      However thanks for sharing , nice article and best remember !!!!!

  4. it’s a beautiful name indeed! love it,it’s pretty much a déjà-vu to me…by the way, im ur secret admirer 🙂

    Thank you, my secret admirer. I know who you are!! Shh..I’ll keep it secret!

    Hey Panharath,

    I love your name too! 😀

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