What will the new year bring?

Happy New Year 2009

Guess how many billions of people all around the world are living now. New Year 2009 may bring a better outlook on life, fear, doubt or worry to them. But what’s important for every individual is unbreakable hope that each needs to have to struggle for a new year.

Hope, hope, hope… Without hope, we cannot live and stay on. Whatever resolution you are determined for during the new year, don’t forget to equip yourself with ‘hope, hope, hope’. Hope for the better. Hope for peaceful mind and heart. Hope for a better life. Actions speak louder than words. So, if we have hope, make it solid by realizing it.

4 thoughts on “What will the new year bring?”

  1. Kounila-when I listen to music, I am in a state of meditation…. When I go to a party, I am in a state of excitement, and when I come to your blog, I am always in a state of hope.
    Happy New Year!!

    VU 🙂

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