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2016: the year of travelling for work

When people ask me why I keep travelling, here is what I usually answer their enquiry with.

Travelling, to me, is a freeing experience, and of course it comes with potential frustrations and a lot of uncertainties that can scare off even the most brave of us all. As we get older, we can hardly find time, money, curiosity and above all else, that “kind” of mindset to just venture out there and collect experiences and emotions.

I might be exhausted after all the trips I have made within this year, but it has been a very memorable year as a fresh graduate (Master’s degree). Thanks very much to all of my friends whose paths crossed mine in Europe, Singapore, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia for making my trips full of joy and laughter. Can’t thank you all enough! You know who you are!

?Yogyakarta: The world is a book, and I would love to read it! #Yogyakarta #Indonesia

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A pagoda with 100 pillars in #Kratie #iphone #iphonephoto #iphonepic

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This is the most photogenic area of #Borobudur Buddhist temple where you can get the picture of the Buddha statue facing the sunrise in the morning. I so love this! I don’t think it was easy to get a photo of the Buddha statue alone, without the hands or mobile photos of other tourists who, like me, are as eager to snap the photos before the sunrise ends. Remember this, peeps, just do it as fast as you can. ?? ⏬ The photo is no way displaying a particular mobile phone brand. ? I remember when I was in #Yogyakarta in September this year I snapped way too many photos! I am not even sure if it’s the hands of @celineism ?!!!! ⏬ #tripofwonders #wonderful indonesia #indonesia #khmerblogher #khmerblogger #travelgram #travel #trip

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Malmö, Sweden. June, 2016 ⏬ #SWEDEN #Malmö #trip #travelgram #latergram #khmertraveller #khmerblogger

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Hey, readers, do expect some blog posts over the next few weeks about my trips to Europe, India, and #WonderfulIndonesia.

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