another discovered letter I sent to a lady when I was 17 (Funny, so enjoy!)

“Dear Sister XXXX,

I am happy to see V (a girl older than me) caring about me and to have a good friend like her. But I am rather upset when I see her doubting me. She does not seem to trust me and what I do. I am just a little worried about it. I am afraid our friendship will get loose.
No matter what I do, I don’t want to do stupid or silly things. I just want to play with some people, and she thinks I am in love with those. It is more fun because I can make some white lies to that person. But I can control myself. I have learned a lot and have not thought of doing one like that. But you said you would want too, right? kidding…

When I do anything, I want to get ideas from my good friends, and every time I do it, I want trust from my friends. The word trust is so important with friends. Just only that. I am 17 but I don’t behave like a baby or someone who does not know something at all.

I want to ask you a question. Do you trust me? There are always solutions. But I am most troubled when my friends do not trust what I am doing.

From Keo Kounila”