Swine flu has hit Cambodia

As of this week, local and foreign media have reported that Cambodia announced the first domestic infection of the A(H1N1) virus. Four traveling US students who arrived in Cambodia last week, one Flipino and one Cambodia have tested positive but they have taken to the wings of the ministry of health. WHO has been alerting the whole world for this fast-growing disease. I am personally worried because I heard two cases of death from swine flu in Thailand and an increasing number of infections in the neighbouring countries like Vietnam and Laos.
Deep in the thought, communication is one of the most crucial people skills while ‘communication’ disease like H5N1 and H1N1 can be passed from one person to the other. ‘Communication’, as I know it, is the most mentioned activities since it constructs or destructs the whole world. And, yes, it results in another form: communicable disease. The word ‘communication’, thus, has made a tremendous as well as frightening track record of humankind history. Don’t get me wrong… I’m only trying to see the nature of ‘communication’ in many forms.