Bloody morning news for breakfast?

graphic pictures on local newspaper

It’s common practice of local newspapers [of course,written in the Khmer language] to publish bloody pictures of corpses, injured victims from traffic accidents or murder. There have been countless requests as well as constructive criticism from independent institutes for the Khmer news editors to consider pulling out the bloody photos. As for my every morning task on the weekend, I have to read and monitor the local newspaper for newsworthy story ideas to write. I don’t want to come to the news desk and read these news stories before I even have my breakfast. Hell, no!

4 thoughts on “Bloody morning news for breakfast?”

  1. If I read after my breakfast, I’ll throw up on the newspaper. So I’d rather read it before my breakfast. LOL (I’m on an empty stomach) 😀

  2. Not only in the newspaper but also in some magazines =(
    Journalists know that “what bleeds leads” but here it is very gore, too much!
    And it is very indecent for the victims…
    Our journalism ethics are really poor. In other countries, even if they report about gruesome murders, they wouldn’t show the pictures of the murdered victims. THey would only show either a mugshot of the accused, or a picture of the victims when alive.
    I remember one English-language newpaper was once strongly criticized for publishing the picture of a foreign woman, victim of a robbery and who died from falling off her motorbike. The paper had to apologize (I think) and provide an explanation.

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