Cambodian beautiful countryside pictures

I waited calmly near the window to take some nice pictures.

a bit dark
a bit early in the morning

a bit lighter
a bit lighter morning

Svayrieng or heaven
More light is shed on the morning.
I sent this photo for a competition in Se-Globe Magazine.

Svayrieng centre
So fresh and cool…

I took these pictures at Svay Rieng…

4 thoughts on “Cambodian beautiful countryside pictures”

  1. The sky is so blue. I really like how you framed your picture….nice boarder and content…I feel like I spent a day looking at a peaceful scene.


  2. hey hey, i’ve just seen your pic on the Globe magazine! It’s so cool!! And ya eem and i want to join that competition too, so would you mind tell me a bit about it??? Thanx!!!

  3. Hello Longdy,

    Yes, I joined the Se-Globe competition but I didn’t win. Check out November’s Se-Globe, which has been out selling. :D..I just bought it yesterday. Winner number 2 is my classmate (Prum Seila)..hurray!! He got 6 months’ subscribtion. He promised to let me read his Se-Globe after he reads each one..haha…I don’t need to buy it then.

    You both can of course join. But remember that usually Se-Globe comes out early. For example, November’s edition comes out in late October. So this means Se-Globe for November has been out.

    Send your favourite photo to Se-Globe by this email: [email protected] as early as possible.

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