Many Causes of Traffic Jam in Cambodia….

It’s become a common knowledge that traffic jam exists at every rush hour. But what are all the causes? 

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  1. Kounila, where was this picture taken? Is it closed to Khan 7 January? Did you take the picture? Next time could you please take a few pictures of Toul Tampoung High Shcool?


  2. Hi Vanak,
    The picture was taken at Bokor traffic lights corner (stopbokor). That picture happened to be in Chamkarmon District. Yes, I did take the picture. Sure, next time, I’ll drop in and take a few pictures of Toul Tampoung High School, my youngest sister’s former high school and probably yours as well. 😀


  3. I think cambodia is the kingdom of wonder, but Cambodia have low down with traffic jam that have alot of people die..
    so government should develop the traffic..

    1. Yep, it keeps improving day by day though slowly. The young generation is the hope of new Cambodia.

  4. Because of seeing the bad situation in traffic in Phnom Penh, therefore, I am going to write the paper which focusing on the traffic ,, How the urban infrastructure construction can improve the traffic travel to be better one? If others have any document related, Please kindly send me some due to I am difficult to find them, I am not in Cambodia. Thanks in advanced!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rachana Sovan

    Traffic accidents are social problems. Which are not easy to sort out in our societies? Traffic accident happen not only in the cities but also in the country. These days, the figure of traffic accident have been increasing from time to time and many people have injured and died. There are several causes of traffic accidents.
    The first cause is that the major of Cambodian people are not interesting in learning traffic law, and the have behind the law because the don’t know the advantages of traffic law. Moreover, most of the drivers don’t have driver licenses and they can drive their vehicles on the roads, but haven’t got techniques in driving, don’t understand the traffic signs and traffic laws. Another thing is that there are more and more vehicles on the roads, so the roads become narrow, especially driving rush hour. Some people are careless when driving, crossing roads, hurrying to go somewhere and they drive over speed, turning right or left and the most important causes is that they drink alcohol when driving so they drive very bad. So how to deal with these cases we have to tell the authority, advertisement on TV, news, local education, rural education and teach them about consequences of drunk driving.

  6. From my view, I think that if all people implement the laws stringently, stop using alcohol, phone and so on, traffic accident could decreased in our country. Following the laws is the best way to this problem!!!!!

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