Climate change project in Cambodia, with kids

While Cambodia is now paying attention to the conflicts she is having with Thailand, she probably forgets about some global duty she has to fufill as well. Actually, it is very easy to ignore something very significant like this because it doesn’t seem to show its bad impacts in this moment but the future instead.

I luckily had to spend 6 days working as an interpreter for a American woman from Seatle who came all the day down here to teach a group of children aged from 14 to 20 how to use a video to make changes in whatever way in their communities. It was exactly exciting and new for them as well as for me. I have never heard such a thing. But I don’t think it will be able to be explained or it is just going to fill this whole post with this important information and of course details! She and I are temporarily working for Plan International Cambodia that has patnered with a few other organizations who sent their researchers to come and help us in the workshops those kids joined.
I am really amazed by what they are trying to do. It’s Plan Interntaional and several organizations that are working to promote children’s rights and at the same time raising awareness of climate change in Cambodia. Nearly 30 kids from two communes were invited and for these 6 days, they were taught technical staff like using video-cameras, which was all too exciting for them. Also, they learnt new things like natural disasters such as flood and drought. Besides these, they even learnt to provide possible solutions to problems happening in their villages. They did a very good job in writing the storyboard and directing their stories.
Can you imagine that youngs kids from the communes in Cambodia can make a film, write a storyboard and direct everything in the movie? Can you imagine that kids in the provinces can voice their concern if they face any confrontation from the world they are living? It’s overwhelming when people are silent about what they want. But this time, these videos they will make next week will make a big difference in their communities and their life. They raise an issue in their village, show impacts and provide possible solutions. Those vidoes will be watched by the communities, local and national government. And we will see, if approved by the government, their proposals for a bridge during flooding and for the communities to spread children’s rights will just come true overnight!!!

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