Dear Diary

Dear Blog Diary,

Today, the environment in my class was so tense that every one of my classmates wanted to break the table and run away. We wanted to escape from where we were seated. What was happening? One of my lecturers came in, talked for a while, listened to some of my classmates’ complaint about how suddenly the schedule to take the test changed. Minutes later, the lecturer shot back at them all criticism and all the does and don’ts. A few of my friends had red faces (blushed), almost bursting into crying. But they wisely repressed/stopped themselves. I was there sitting and shutting all my feelings, figuring out my world. I did not want to reply. I wanted to control myself and calm down. If I had not been able to, I didn’t know what I would have done something catastrophe.

If you were a teacher, what would you do? Would you throw all your anger and frustration at your students? Would you offer solutions or more problems and all the junk to them?

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  1. hahaha…. “if i were a teacher…”…i don’t know te… but if it’s “if I were one of the student”, what í wanna do, but may not do it anyway, is shout back at that teacher and give him some taste of his own medicine!!!!


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