Dear readers, I don't know what to do today!

The hot sun is claiming its power around my school (RUPP)Around my house is nice weather, sometimes sunny like this.
Sometimes, the evening ends like this.

It’s so funny that I do not know what I really want to do today. What about you? Have you ever experienced this? There are plenty of things on my list, but those only scare me. I just avert my eyes when I happen to see the list!!! I don’t mean to be lazy but I just am not eager to do those yet. Perhaps, I’m procrastinating. Perhaps, a proverb, at this moment, is insulting me. Never put off what you can do today till tomorrow. Hmm, I will finish my assignments tonight.

5 thoughts on “Dear readers, I don't know what to do today!”

  1. Nothing to do? Get off the fence and go climb one of the trees behind your house and sit up there for five minutes listening to the farm wind. If you listen, you can hear it! 🙂

  2. haha…come on! Thank you for your scary suggestion!….how romantic to do just that! haha…

  3. what vanak I’ll climb the tree with you, if you have nothing else to do. hehe. seeing those photos makes me want to visit cambodia again. 3 month wasnt enough for me, lol.

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