The flowers are struggling to show smiles to the world.

My milestone is coming. Luck is looming near. Is that really luck that I should talk about? I think I should count on my efforts, not really luck. Patience and efforts pay off for everybody who tries. I’m so happy to have been accepted as an intern at AFP based in Cambodia. All of my classmates really appreciat this, yet I’m afraid I don’t think highly of their internships. But I really want to tell them that I am not the best and they should not look up at me this way. I don’t think I am worth their admiration. Each and every one of the sophomores at my department are demanded to apply for an internship at any media organization! Thus, all my friends have been applying for an internship somewhere as well. Until now most of them have been welcomed and they will start being an intern very soon.

Oh, what should I be doing now? I am clumsy at the moment. Oh,the greatest proverb comes to my mind now. ” If you want peace, prepare for peace,” my best teacher says. Hmm, I will make preparations by brainstorming articles, brushing up on lessons and readddddinggg more.

4 thoughts on “FORTUNE?”

  1. you should be proud of that… Why do you feel that you not the best and they need to look at someone?? I’ll also tell you that none is THE BEST for any work… it’s only the better person from the group will be picked up at that time; Be happy… cheer up

  2. Welcome to AFP!. First intern then supervise the interns. It is said that talent is good for 40% the rest is perseverance.

    Just get to the point for the opening statement and the conclusion and make it brief, this is AFP news Kounila Keo, Phnom Penh :))

  3. Hi Kounila;


    Hope you still rember me by other web-name [Angkor138] as now I change it to other.

    So you are now with the Australian Federal Police.

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