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Go to FilmCampKH 2013

[mappress mapid=”1″]My friends I met in 2009 and I are putting together another film-related event this March 23rd, Saturday at Pannasanstra University.

Important notice: free of charge, fun, experience-enriching, all about networking with the right people in the film industry

Facebook Page of FilmCampKH: www.facebook.com/filmcampkh

Website: www.filmcampkh.org

Schedule of speakers and the entire event on March 23rd: http://filmcampkh.org/program

The group that I have been associated with and helped found back in 2009 is Kon Khmer Koun Khmer (Khmer Generations, Khmer Films) who’s behind the organisation of this event. I’ve done pretty much everything I could to help reinforce our dreams of inspiring the next generations of film-makers and artists to make films in Cambodia.

Kon Khmer Kon Khmer or 4Ks Website: www.facebook.com/konkhmerkounkhmer

Website: www.khmerfilm.org

Our achievements (4Ks) include a Golden Reawakening Exhibition and Rock&Roll Party (2009), Twin Diamonds (2009), two concert parties, two films such as Boyfriend & Kep Secret… More to come.

Video of “Let’s Go to FilmCampKH”

Link to Sithen Sum’s blog post about FilmCampKH 2013

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