I have had countless nightmares

As soon as the night gets darker than usual, I can get very sleepy. There are some nights I find a lot of sweat around my forehead. Some nights I sleep and get up with nice feelings. I don’t know if there is something wrong within me. But my nightmares aren’t about ghosts, devil or anything. They are always about school and studies. Oh, why are they my nightmares?? The reality is that I dread of going back to my 12-grade class (high school) and going back to meeting my English tutor. I can’t remember how many I have dreamt of going back to school. I always get up exhausted and scared. I hope I won’t bring this with me till I grow up.
A few nights ago, I dreamt about being in my English tutor’s class. I was fighting between the reality and the dream. I no longer wanted to be in his class, even though I was always his favourite student or even best student, as he claimed.

Why did I dread? What made me afraid of dreaming about that? A student who liked their her teacher should have valued such a dream! But why not me? I figured that out and found a few right reasons why I was even afraid of dreaming about him and his class. He has changed a lot. A great teacher I used to idolize has changed unbelieveably. Or have I myself changed?

My inner self tells me that though I’m maturing, my life principles have always been the same. Do you believe that money can change one person to become a completely different person? I am not sure. I am not in his shoes so I don’t know what else he has gone through in our absence.

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  1. Mediawatch-Newstopia

    First of all, must congratulate you on one of the article posted in one of Australian newspaper – you have done it brilliantly.

    Seemed to me that your dream and dread about your teacher was because he has drastically changed from the teacher once you idolized and respected, and in the matter of fact, you have witnessed that he has been changing.

    You are entitled to your opinion about the person concerned, no one can deny your right to the way you thought about the person and that’s applied to the person concerned himself.

  2. Hi Box,

    Wow!! i can’t believe. So you saw my name there (on the paper)??? Thank you for letting me know. :DCan you show that to me? 😀

    Yes, he has drastically changed, but I have no rights to interfer in his matters… He has his life and I have mine.

    Thank you for ur ideas. But I don’t understand why my dream about him leaves me scared and tired afterwards.


  3. Mediawatch-Newstopia

    Hi K.nila;
    Tried to find the article online but failed to locate. It’s on courier mail [saturday issue].

    You may have to forget about your dream and face the fact that the concerned person is not so important than yourself but just a person you know.

  4. You are brave and open to talk about the dream world most people share only to themselves. Carl Jung spent many years thinking about dreams we all share. If we listen to the depths of dreams they form a story that calls out for our attention. Usually in the bright light of day, we can sit back and read the night journey. Fear not! Carry on…Dreams can help us.

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