Internet Party + Clogger Corner

To improve the knowledge of Information Techonology and awareness of Internet used in Cambodia, many IT-related companies and Clogger Corner have lauched a party on the 5th floor at Sovanna Shopping Centre. The party is held for two days, 23rd and 24th from 9 am to 7 pm.
There are many stalls set up inside the hall and one of them is ‘clogger corner’, which Mr. Be Chantra, Clogger Corner organizer, says, is ‘just a part of the event’. Stalls located there are: citylink, URC chat company, a printing company and a lot of IT-related companies. Chantra says that he in fact expected about 200 to 300 customers to come into the stall, yet unfortunately, there were less than he expected during the first day. His group’s purpose is to get all the bloggers (new and old) meet up or get together, to share knowledge about making using of the internet as well as to make new bloggers excited about the blogging process.
Ms. Thida, an organizer from a website company stall, says that today there are about 20 stalls which are all IT-related. The internet party was first launched in 2006 in BS department store. In 2007, it was held at Raffles Hotel where 6000 audience came and joined. She thinks that it is the most successful year for the party. “We have sent invitations to 10,000 IT professionals and we expect a lot of people to come this year,” said Ms. Thida.
As the technology sector in Cambodia is developing, the demand of IT-products is increasing. “Our purpose to set up this event is to inform public of how to make use of Internet and to let IT companies show off their own products,” said Ms. Thida.
Today, the process of the event seems to go quite smoothly. Many people come and grasp a variety of tech things. And, more are expected to come tomorrow.

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