Interview between Elementary student Damon Weaver and President Barack Obama

The news that this little boy, Damon Weaver, could get a permission to interview President Barack Obama surprises me. I know this is a privilege and also an open door from President Obama himself who is trying to promote equality among different races, classes or social positions.

But would you be able to interview the Cambodian PM? It’s a hard nut to crack. I remember there is one Cambodian journalist allowed to interview him. Yet, it didn’t seem right. Why? The question is: who in the Cambodian government known as bureaucratic and corrupt cares to give you an interview if they know you’re going to write badly about them? However, in the other thought, professionalism might have been the reason for the interview.

Actually, even low ranking officials who have responbility to talk to reporters don’t give interviews easily and will always ask reporters to write a letter to their ministry. I know this sucks. The Cambodian governance lacks transparency, as known. What are they afraid to let us see?