Vann Molyvann's works

I have always heard of Vann Molyvann’s name. He is one of the best-known Cambodian architects, even well known to many other European architects for buildings built in the 1960s. Besides, in the 1960s, he found the green method which European architects found four years ago. Amazing? The green method I’m talking about here refers to cooling and how to bring fresh air into the buildings. What’s great about his works is that his buildings always have relations with the traditions, way of life and some strong connection to the people living around them.

He’s built around 100 buildings in Cambodia, several of which are the topic of studies Cambodian and American architect students from Yale University came a long way to explore for more.

4 thoughts on “Vann Molyvann's works”

  1. There was a documentary at Meta House about his work this Tuesday. It was a good one, though I could not see the whole part as it was very crowded and rainy.

  2. How about some other building in Kep province? I heard few building there from him too as reading through F Magazine

  3. Wish I could have time to go around taking pictures of all his buildings before any of them will be demolished for future development! Of course, I will have time as I will be jobless soon:P

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