Newspaper Training

As a sophomore of media in Cambodia, I am very happy to do an off-job training. Soon, all of my classmates and some students at my department will join hands to launch a school newspaper, all about the election.
The purpose of having the newspaper is to train all young journalist students to have some experience in writing and to look ahead what they will be able to contribute to their society. I believe, it’s very exciting for each of my friends because it’s a first-time exposure to newsroom discussions and all the like that journalists might go through while working. We are all waiting anxiously to see our newspaper. In fact, we always question ourselves of what we can really do to help write the most professional and accurate news for our audience. It’s not just for our sake but the sake of the whole society who needs to be accurately informed.
60 percent of the whole population are youth from 18 to 30! We can surely make changes to the way things work! We hope to be part of the voice! Anyway, what would you like to read in the newspaper? What interests you the most in terms of the election?

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