Non parlo Italiano

me in Milan, 28th August 2011 by Kavich Neang

I asked an Italian photographer two years ago what an Italian mafioso looked like, and whether they had a favourite dress code.
He chortled over my ignorance, and said, “Ha, he or she does not look any different from you.”
That’s my first joke in Italy. I was in Italy for almost a month, but could learn a few phrases in Italian due to the packed schedule of studio photography. I learnt the new phrases every day from people and Youtube channel.
What I meant by studio photography here was not as cool as it sounds. 😛 I only learnt how to handle very heavy photography equipment. Sounds like a manual labourer? My right knee has since become sore because of the almost one-month training. I stayed in a shared room with a classmate, lived in a basement for one week in Milan and travelled to Rome and Palis for a week.
But my point here is “Non parlo Italiano”. 😀

4 thoughts on “Non parlo Italiano”

  1. How do you do? I am Sun, a Korean, who lives in Cambodia and very interested in Khmer language, culture, and people. I like to read your articles in this blog. It’s very helpful to think and understand Cambodia. It’s first time to leave comment in your blog, even though I’ve been from time to time. Hope you keep leaving your great articles that I am able to learn lots of things!
    You seems to be in Italy~ Have a good time!

  2. Hi Sun, right now I’m in Italy, and will be back to Cambodia in the middle of September. Do enjoy visiting Cambodia.
    Sereyboth, thanks for looking at the photo, oun. 😀
    Bong Livina, I haven’t visited so many more parts of the world, and I’m thinking of taking one at a time from now time.

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