Should Women's Rights Day Be My Birthday?

Hello….It’s me. Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy My Birthday.:)

From the cradle but not to the grave yet :), I have celebrated my birthday only once. It happened once and for all. I say, not having a party for my birthday doesn’t let me down at all. Perhaps, you all might say I should have a party or something special to cheer myself up but I prefer ignoring my birhtday and get reminded instead about it…haha…So then I feel cared a tad 🙂

6th of March is my birthday, yet surprisingly enough I was born on the International Women’s Right Day. Don’t think I’m out of my mind now. I will explain you. The 6th of March in 1988 was a Women’s Right Day and it happened on Sunday. As my mother was completely sure that I was born while many people especially women wanted to go out, I believe her. For sure, I checked out the old calendar for 6th of March. Fortunately, it was Sunday 6th of March. Yeah!!! I was born on that day.

My mother can still remember what happened on the day I was born. She had to stay in the hospital since she expected to give a birth to me around a few days. On the morning of the 6th March, she got up normal and enjoyed her morning as usual. But just all the nurses wanted to go out for fun, my mother started to get hurt in her tummy and the water exploded. She was going into labour soon. That can explain that I Me Myself was going to be born in a minute. The nurse said, as my mother recalling, “So, this little baby girl wants to go for a walk too?”My mother, so far, has told me that I am not like a girl/woman. Perhaps, a tomboy. Who cares? She tells me off sometimes. She’s afraid I have long legs, which means I like spend lots of time going to far-away places. Haha. What a nice story for today! So I shouldn’t be too greedy to get these two days as my birthday, should I? 😀
Strangely enough, I was sent this great picture “Never ever give up” on my birthday. I love it :).
Here is the greatest birthday present from Catherine :). Thank you, Catherine!!! 😀

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  1. It is not late to say Happy B-day to you. Wish u good luck, good health and in particular success in your study.

  2. hey, apologies for the belated birthday wishes… let me wish you a happy birthday month.. stay young and be well

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